One of the things i’m really interested in is surround sound for (home) cinema applications.

I decided to purchase a BSS BLU160 to see if i could improve the response in the low end of my studio demo room.

In there are 2 x RM25ac (the beast) running from 27Hz as Left and Right main                   2 x RM28ac as Surround Left and Right and a FA28ac as center speaker.

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Playing around with Armonia   Leave a comment

Just playing with the new version 😉

Screen capture has no sound otherwise i have to pay probably……


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A LITTLE FOLLOW-UP   Leave a comment

Here’s a little follow up on the BLOG POST from earlier this week.

The screen capture shows  the same file on different processing platforms being a Powersoft X8 and a BSS BLU100 via blu-link to a Crown DCi Amp.


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Getting latency down when working with FIR   3 comments

One of the challenges nowadays is getting latency down as much as possible (in my opinion).

You can get a frequency/phase flat system by using All-pass filters or FIR filters but both have a disadvantage: Latency. Frequency flat will not be much of a problem on latency but since phase is the conversion of time or distance related to a frequency expressed in degrees altering/correcting phase would cost time ie. latency.

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Time laps: Building up for Smaart Training   Leave a comment

Made a Time Laps of yesterday’s proceedings 😉


Bij interesse in een Smaart Training: laat het weten daar dit zo op te zetten is. Ik heb een eigen ruimte waar alles wat er nodig is om een training te doen aanwezig is voor 7 cursisten per training (Speakers/computers/mic’s/en een beetje kennis).

Ik ben te bereiken via mail : TimoBeckmanGeluid apenstaartje zonder spaties en apenstaartje als @ (moge duidelijk zijn waarom zo) of bel +31626144076


Met vriendelijke groeten

Timo Beckman

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Subs : Omni or “Nomnie” Part 3   Leave a comment

During a Smaart training a couple of weeks ago the End Fired array out of Point source sub configs got me to do the PART 1 and PART 2 blog posts.

In this part I’ll work up to a config I used in a theatre set-up. The set-up in the theater had a center cluster consisting out of 5 Meyer Sound Mina’s and 2 HP500’s which where hung with speaker towards the back wall to prevent the reflection from the back wall causing a dip in the frequency respons.
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Subs : Omni or “Nomnie” Part 2   1 comment

So let’s put the idea from the PART1 in to action in a End Fired array.

I simulated the respons a long time ago ( BLOGPOST ) but when i heard this array in real live during 1 of the Smaart training sessions i was impressed by the coverage.

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