Nieuwe Indeling van de Lesruimte   Leave a comment

Sorry for all following this blog from elsewhere but this is a post for technicians/students from the Netherlands. A training session in English is possible if somebody’s willing to listen to my poor English 🙂

Bij deze heb ik mijn les ruimte opnieuw ingedeeld m.b.t. de regels die op dit moment gelden in Nederland.

Ik kan nu dus weer groepen van 6 studenten aan in deze ruimte i.p.v. 3 zo als voor heen. Ook zijn er voorzorgsmaatregelen genomen (spuug schermen tussen 2 studenten tegenover elkaar en 1 ½ mt tussen elke computer).

Alle computers 1 ½ mt spacing
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Comparing RELATIVE levels on 2 cardioid Sub set-ups between the Fulcrum Acoustic CS(p)121 & TS212   Leave a comment

I wanted to try a End Fired & Gradient/Reversed End Fired Array out of the Fulcrum Acoustic CS℗121 for a long time but never found the time to do it.

Yesterday I did.
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Een paar PDF-jes betreffende Sub array’s   Leave a comment

Bij deze een paar basic files betreffende Cardioide Sub Array’s in het Nederlands.
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Let’s get crazy for a moment   Leave a comment

After messing with the high driver (see the BLOG POST before this 1) I did a little experiment on the Low driver.

I tried to get as phase flat as possible without running a sh*t load of latency. Kinda worked 😉

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Fir Designer M beta : “Supplementary responses” window   1 comment

FIR Designer M beta has a new feature: A “Supplementary Responses” window. You can load a directory from Smaart V8 with traces taken from a source at other mic positions then the on-axis trace you use for correcting the general respons.

If you implement any filter for correcting the on-axis respons you can also see the effect that filter has on all other transfer traces loaded in the “supplementary responses” window.
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Another test on the Advanced Delay Finder option Smaart V8.5beta   Leave a comment

In this post I wanted to check if the Advanced Delay Finder within Smaart V8.5beta would find the correct time at whatever frequency I choose compared to the “normal” way of aligning a system (via phase alignment).

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Posted 29/06/2020 by timobeckmangeluid in Geen categorie

TESTING THE ADVANCED DELAY FINDER Smaart V8.5beta   Leave a comment

Played around with the advanced delay finder function in the new Smaart V8.5beta version available for everybody who owns Smaart V8 and can be downloaded from your My.rational account.

I’m using it for Time Aligning sub woofers to see if the ∆T found by the delay finder is accurate.

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Creating Mayhem part 2   Leave a comment

In the post Creating Mayhem i wanted to test if all computers running Smaart V8 would be able to find the delay time accurately with all sources running.

At the start of the blog post i mentioned all the speaker models where matched to the respons of the RM28ac so this was the target speaker.
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Posted 30/05/2020 by timobeckmangeluid in Geen categorie

Creating Mayhem   1 comment

I’m good at it 😉 Creating Mayhem i mean……

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Posted 25/05/2020 by timobeckmangeluid in Geen categorie

Smaart SPL & Smaart V8.4 : Webserver Nederlandse ondertiteling   Leave a comment

Bij deze voor iedereen in Nederland ben ik begonnen met het ondertitelen van een aantal video’s die via de Rational Acoustics Website bekeken kunnen worden.

Dit is een soort van veel werk en er zullen wat fouten qua vertaling insluipen sorry daarvoor. Google translate werkt redelijk maar niet altijd als gewenst.

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