2020 has been a busy year on the “blog-ing” part   Leave a comment

So everybody reading or following this blog: a Happy New Year (and hopefully 2021 will turn out to be a better year then 2020).

I’ve been kinda busy blog-ing so here’s all posts from last year divided per month.

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Processors: “Interim report”: Lake LM26 vs APEX Intelli-X2 vs Linea Research ASC48   Leave a comment

I had no idea this would cause this much rumble among everybody reading this blog 😉

I started this after receiving questions from a couple of guy’s regarding crossovers and filters. Whenever i do not know an answer i’ll try to find out (if i have time to do so 😉 ). Since the Dutch government has decided to put the whole country in lock down i had some “spare time”.

Here are the blog posts before this 1 on the subject https://timobeckmangeluid.wordpress.com/2020/12/06/crossover-filters/ https://timobeckmangeluid.wordpress.com/2020/12/11/crossover-filters-part-2/ https://timobeckmangeluid.wordpress.com/2020/12/16/processors-part-3-lake-lm26/

Here’s a link to an explanation on the Lake raised cosine stuff in GERMAN by FELUSCH

btw: i’m not the first 1 to do a “compare” like this. Bennett Prescott did the same thing a decade ago. His findings can be found at the Sound Forums Network

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Processors Part 3: Lake LM26   1 comment

So here’s the transfer data from Smaart taken from a solo output from the Lake LM26. Input signal went trough DVS (Dante Virtual Soundcard)/Yamaha RIO1608 straight to the Lake LM26 input 1 to output 1.

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Crossover filters part 2   1 comment

Here’s the data on the 2nd processor: Apex intelli-X2.

For personal reasons I’ve switched to another processor platform but i still own 2 of these units. I did the same run trough as i did with the Linea Research ASC48 so all crossover filters 1 parametric eq +/- 3 6 & 9dB with with the smallest value for the Apex Bandwidth at 0.03 (linea at 0.08) 0.33 and 1 oct.

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December Sale   Leave a comment

Just to let every body know 😉


Enjoy Happy Holidays and stay safe


I received some questions regarding crossover filters out of in my case 3 processors (maybe 4 if i can get the Powersoft X8dante back in to my smaart rig again).

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T=1(000m)s/F The sequel   Leave a comment

Even een stukje betreffende een “kam Filter”

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SETTING UP….Voor Smaarties in het Nederlands   1 comment

Ik ben begonnen met een aantal screen captures te maken voor die personen die overwegen iets met Smaart te gaan doen of het net aangeschaft hebben (en eventueel een training gevolgd hebben of gaan volgen). Dit is puur als “reminder” cq. hoe zat dat ook al weer 😉 of hoe het e.e.a. te configureren.

De screen capture is een soort van lang en bij het uploaden van het origineel kreeg ik de melding dat de file size te groot was. De bovenste video is embedded vanaf YouTube (volle versie en dus lang). De nm 1 t/m 4 betreffend de zelfde video maar in stukjes geknipt.

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SUBJE TOPJE 2 Voorbeelden   1 comment

Even 2 voorbeelden betreffende een sub top alignment waar ik voor nu alleen naar het fase gedrag kijk. (silent eq en meer van dat soort fraaie snufjes bewaar ik voor of een training of een latere screen-capture)

In dit geval is het een trainingsvoorbeeld en om de data makkelijk leesbaar te houden heb ik de top op de grond gelegd (zie foto).

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The Mayhem thing again   1 comment

Did a couple of posts some time ago on using multiple generators for at that time a surround set-up.

In this post i’m following up on those 2 posts (https://timobeckmangeluid.wordpress.com/2020/05/25/creating-mayhem/ https://timobeckmangeluid.wordpress.com/2020/05/30/creating-mayhem-part-2/)

I’m using a Left and Right system (Fulcrum Acoustic CCX1295 left and right main + 2 x CX896 for delays without the CSP121’s i have for low end active during the measurements).

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