Smaart V8.5 Update   Leave a comment

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Below you can find a teaser (copyright’s belong to Rational Acoustics).

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Posted 27/07/2021 by timobeckmangeluid in Geen categorie

All-pass filters: a way of working with them   Leave a comment

Did a screen capture after an advanced training last week. If the stuff in the screen cap doesn’t make sense start messing with them and try to figure out their use. That’s the way i found out……

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Something about the “data window”   Leave a comment

If you do not know what this is all about attend a Smaart training. The screen capture was done after a remark on a post at the Smaart Users Facebook page.

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Gradient at the wall with the CS121   Leave a comment

Did another experiment on a gradient near a wall but this time with the Fulcrum Acoustic CS121 Passive cardioid 21″ sub.

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In this post I positioned a Gradient Sub Array with the same settings as in the blog post: near a wall and adjusted eq and level a little to get a “better” respons (better means the max reduction at the back wall mic’s and hopefully a better respons on the on-axis mic) . Normally with just 1 sub the reflection from the wall at the back will cause a (couple of) dip(s). More on this can be found in a blog post from 2 years ago

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Posted 24/04/2021 by timobeckmangeluid in Geen categorie

Front Back Front Delay vs FIR   Leave a comment

Did the same experiment with a Front Back Front set-up as the Gradient set-up in the blog post before this 1.

Also i wanted to see if this array would still work when positioned in close proximity of a wall (1mt from the back of the array in this case).

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During today’s advanced training the subject on Delay vs FIR on subs came up.

The result was sort of ok on both but i decided to record the result of Delay vs FIR

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Posted 15/04/2021 by timobeckmangeluid in Smaart V8, Subs, Training

PROCESSING PART 4: POWERSOFT X8 Dante   Leave a comment

The same as the other posts on the Lake LM26 Apex Intelli-x2 and the Linea Research asc48. ( )

No x-over filters at this time (hopefully there will be when i find time to do the measurements). As far as i can remember the Bessel 1-8 order filters are set at the -3dB point (so roughly the same as the Apex if i remember correct) Butterworth an Linkwitz-Riley are the same as all previous platforms.

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Bij deze te koop   Leave a comment

Bij deze bied ik te koop aan:

2 x Fulcrum Acoustic RM25ac (ex demo voorraad)

Bijgevoegd Spec sheet (PDF) 

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Posted 30/03/2021 by timobeckmangeluid in Geen categorie


This is a follow up on the blog post prior to this 1.

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