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Subs : Omni or “Nomnie” Part 3   Leave a comment

During a Smaart training a couple of weeks ago the End Fired array out of Point source sub configs got me to do the PART 1 and PART 2 blog posts.

In this part I’ll work up to a config I used in a theatre set-up. The set-up in the theater had a center cluster consisting out of 5 Meyer Sound Mina’s and 2 HP500’s which where hung with speaker towards the back wall to prevent the reflection from the back wall causing a dip in the frequency respons.
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Subs : Omni or “Nomnie” Part 2   1 comment

So let’s put the idea from the PART1 in to action in a End Fired array.

I simulated the respons a long time ago ( BLOGPOST ) but when i heard this array in real live during 1 of the Smaart training sessions i was impressed by the coverage.

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Subs : Omni or “Nomnie” Part 1   1 comment

During a training this little set-up came along after getting tagged in a Facebook post by Andrey Andreev where he used a idea from somebody (not me) i did a Blog-post on a couple of years ago
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Beta Testing   1 comment

Time aligning a sub? Must be getting crazy 😉
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New Gear   Leave a comment

I recently sold almost al Meyer gear (2 x UPQ1p-rms input card SIM3 + Switches and cables + RMServer are stil up for sale) and replaced the 900LFC’s with The Fulcrum Acoustic TS212 and CSP121’s. Lees de rest van dit artikel »

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A different way…..   Leave a comment

In the Blog posts SUBJES 01 and SUBJES 02 the only tools I used next to a 24dB per octave Linkwitz-Riley low-pass filter on each processor output were delay and polarity reverse.

The use of delay & polarity reverse works and if you’re time-table is limited a good option for doing cardioid sub array set-ups.

The following is an explanation on a way of doing these kind of arrays using next to delay and polarity reversal some other tricks that can work. Lees de rest van dit artikel »

Crossing over…..   Leave a comment

During Yesterday’s training a pretty clear example of subs needing a polarity reversal came up on a set-up we worked on during the training. Lees de rest van dit artikel »