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Getting latency down when working with FIR   3 comments

One of the challenges nowadays is getting latency down as much as possible (in my opinion).

You can get a frequency/phase flat system by using All-pass filters or FIR filters but both have a disadvantage: Latency. Frequency flat will not be much of a problem on latency but since phase is the conversion of time or distance related to a frequency expressed in degrees altering/correcting phase would cost time ie. latency.

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A LITTLE TEASER   Leave a comment


Might take a while šŸ˜‰

As soon as i have time i’ll add a screen capture on how the FIR was done with FIR designer M.


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Checking FIR on 2 systems: The Linea Research ASC48 and the Powersoft X8dante   Leave a comment

This screen capture was done in a non lab set-up. The FIR filters were done on the same data via FIR Designer and with the same latency (filter delay 100 samples on the high output and 200 samples for the low output).

The FIR files were exported with the settings done in FIR Designer only in the file formats needed for the Linea ASC48 and Powersoft X8dante. Lees de rest van dit artikel »

Posted 24/05/2018 by timobeckmangeluid in FIR

Beta Testing: Linea ASC48 fir capable processor   2 comments

Here’s a first test on the Linea ASC48 beta.

No sound on this 1. It’s just as always little old Me messing with cool gear šŸ˜‰ Lees de rest van dit artikel »

Posted 07/05/2018 by timobeckmangeluid in FIR

Trying different FIR coefficients   Leave a comment

After playing around with FIR Designer for a couple of days I finally got around to trying some different settings on the Auto Magnitude and Auto phase windows within the program and see what would happen with the final respons measured at the same multiple mic positions. Lees de rest van dit artikel »

Posted 18/12/2017 by timobeckmangeluid in FIR

Working On FIR Again.   Leave a comment

Started to experiment with the new version of FIR Designer V2.1. It has a couple of new features (at least new to me). Lees de rest van dit artikel »

Posted 10/12/2017 by timobeckmangeluid in FIR

Just a little teaser ;-)   Leave a comment

Here’s a little teaser. I’m working on a couple of screen captures on working with Smaart FIR designer2 and Powersoft’s Armonia. Lees de rest van dit artikel »

Posted 10/12/2017 by timobeckmangeluid in FIR