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One week of fun and getting FUBAR   Leave a comment

Wel PLS at Frankfurt is done for this year and what a week it was.
Drove there on monday to set up and again on wednesday for a day on the booth and again on friday for taking the gear out again.
Here are some pictures 😉 Hope to see you all there again next year or somewhere on the road or at the job Lees de rest van dit artikel »

New toy’s ;-) A Roland O.H.R.C.A M5000 Mixing console   Leave a comment

I have been upgrading a lot of stuff lately but the one thing that needed a upgrade was my mixing desk.

I still would like to mix on a analogue console but nowadays everybody wants digi stuff so…… Lees de rest van dit artikel »

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Assumption is the mother of ……. nm.2   Leave a comment

A little follow-up

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Finally testing the new stuff ;-)   1 comment

So finally i’m testing the new stuff. Lees de rest van dit artikel »

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New Toy’s to play around with ;-)   1 comment

New equipment means lots to do so here’s a little taste 😉 Lees de rest van dit artikel »

Linkwitz-Riley High & low-pass filters @ the processor output (2nd up to 8th order)   1 comment

Have fun with this one.

Turns out that the audio quality is not the same as recorded so it will not look the same as in the video i’m sorry to say.(Still if you put the phase and magnitude smoothing on at 1/12oct or 1/6oct it will look a bit better but please try to not use that kind of setting in real live measurements. 1/24oct 1/48oct or none smoothing is the preferred setting in that kind of a situation ).
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EQ’ing a system   5 comments

Most of the time (not always!) i see people watching there analyser screen during system tuning looking at spikes and dips and then hacking away with a 31-band graphic eq or if they’re lucky with a parametric eq. Lees de rest van dit artikel »