Checking FIR on 2 systems: The Linea Research ASC48 and the Powersoft X8dante   Leave a comment

This screen capture was done in a non lab set-up. The FIR filters were done on the same data via FIR Designer and with the same latency (filter delay 100 samples on the high output and 200 samples for the low output).

The FIR files were exported with the settings done in FIR Designer only in the file formats needed for the Linea ASC48 and Powersoft X8dante.

I wanted to see if there was a big difference between the 2 systems.

The screen capture is rather long (16min.) sorry for that……(took 3 days to get this 1 done).

Below a test on the high driver only FIR@48K (Green) and FIR@96K (Yellow).

linea high 96K from 48k measurementslinea 48k

Enjoy šŸ˜‰

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