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I have been collecting these over the years so here’s a impression of my mic kit 😉

My first kit where a set of 8 DPA 4091’s (some of them are still in my mic case for working with various artists but i do not use them anymore for measurements).

The second kit i bought was ½ a year after i bought my SIM3 system back in 2007. A matched set of 6 DPA 4007’s (1 of them did not survive and needs a new capsule).

matched DPA 4007's + 1 ISEMcon PX12p 2

(little edit: My SIM3 + line Switch + Mic switch + 2x Bus cable and optional Galileo 616 are up for sale). I’m not using them anymore……:-(

on the right you see the newest family member: the ISEMcon PX12P class 1 mic

In 2014 i became the Distributor for ISEMcon for the Netherlands and after first using a EMX7150 CF/MQ set (matched Quad) i switched to a EMX7150 CF/MO set (matched octa).matched octa EMX7150 2.jpg

The 2 red labeled mic’s are standard EMX7150bulks and are spares.

I placed al of it in a specific case with just measurement mic’s an add-ons.

The 5 ISEMcon OPS sets are for protecting the mics and of coarse there’s a ISEMcon SC1 calibrator in the kit with various inserts for the 4007/7150/PX12P/M30/and other more exotic models.all mics.JPG

ISEMcon PX12P class 1 mic


Here’s the data for the PX12PScreen Shot 2018-06-03 at 16.17.35

And the data on the 4007’s:

More to follow (probably).

Enjoy 😉

Posted 03/06/2018 by timobeckmangeluid in ISEMcon

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  1. Hi Timo:
    Thanks again for this great website. I don’t know too much about Allpass filters; what they are, how they work and how to apply them. Could you do a video explaining basic “Allpass Theory” and how to use them?

    -thanks, Mark

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