End Fired Sub Array with 2 Fulcrum Acoustic CS121 passive cardioid subs   2 comments

I did a End Fired config with 2 Fulcrum Acoustic CS121’s . The CS121 is a passive cardioid 21″ sub so i was curious on what I would end up with. Turns out it’s performing very well in a cardioid array.

First there’s an intro. You see me synchronizing on the subs and the time found by the delay finder can be mis interpreted. The delay finder in Smaart will give “a time” on a sub but since a sub is a time stretched device the time found depends on which part of the (live) Impuls respons smaart locks on to. Intro on youtube

I did a blog post a while ago where there is more information on the subject: Blog Post on the IR.  There’s also a link to Merlijn van Veen’s website where you can find a lot more detailed information on the subject.

Down below is the screen capture on the End Fired array using 2 Fulcrum Acoustic CS121 along with a Powersoft X8 with 4 channels in bridge mode to get the power to drive these 2 “beasts” (2000W@8Ω which means i need a 8000W amp 😦 a.f.a.i.k.).

On youtube

I’ll do another screen capture on a Reversed End Fired and later this week a couple of screenshots on the solo respons of just 1 CS121. It’s a passive cardioid so there will be a offset between the front and back mic.


For now: enjoy

Posted 13/08/2017 by timobeckmangeluid in Fulcrum Acoustic, Subs

2 responses to “End Fired Sub Array with 2 Fulcrum Acoustic CS121 passive cardioid subs

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