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A lot of system tech’s are using rather expensive mic’s on the job. So during outdoor festivals the weather can always become a problem and protecting your gear can become challenging (i live in the Netherlands the country where it always rains when I stick my nose outside 😉 ).

Also sound systems get louder and louder and environmental rules get stricter on max SPL levels allowed which calls for SPL level management. Here in the Netherlands a permit will tell you to keep the level at a 85dBa LEQ measured over sometimes 1 minute at a predetermined measurement position for example.

To me this would make NO SENSE but this value comes from a permit i saw in the town of Nijmegen for a square in the middel of the city during an event called “de 4 daagse van Nijmegen”. It’s not the 85dBa value that doesn’t make sense but the LEQ over 1 minute by the way…..

So a “predetermined measurement position” could and almost always means you have to put a mic somewhere outside and if it’s not protected against rain or worse you’ll have to get a new mic on a regular basis.

I did a “field test” on the OPS35-385 on that specific event and I installed 1 ISEMcon EMX7150 + OPS. In order to protect the mic from the people (and the people from me getting “sort of upset” by them messing with it) it was placed above the entrance of a store.

OPS nijmegen

The event lasted for about 8 days and the EMX+OPS where outside and sufferd a couple of heavy rain showers thunderstorms and wind along with that….

So this is what it looked like after those couple of days playing outdoors:

(next to it you see a class 1 10Eazy system that was used during the same festivities but at the FOH position).

And here’s a little teaser for the Smaart v8.1 users on what’s coming (it’s a Beta so this could be what it’s going to look like 😉 ).try 4 daagse nijmegen

Last week i did a couple of post on sub’s and had to do those outdoors. The results where quit good but doing a Smaart training day on the subject it would be better to protect my mics against the fine Dutch weather…..

The one thing I needed to know before setting up a “sub” measurement day for customers: could I place the mics outside with the OPS and use them with Smaart set up  in dual transfer mode next to the RTA/SPL kind of thing.

I did a small test and turns out: NO PROBLEM!!! 😉


The differences are minimal and probably due to a slightly different measurement position. I could not get the standerd EMX at the same measurement position as the one with the OPS but they where very close to each other.

You can find more detailes on the OPS Here or via this link ISEMcon Outdoor Protection System .

That’s it for now… safe and keep your gear safe 😉



Posted 12/08/2017 by timobeckmangeluid in equipment, ISEMcon

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