A mix between a Reversed End Fired Array (gradient) and a End Fired Array   1 comment

After doing the screen capture on the End Fired Sub Array (End Fired Sub Array) I did another one. It’s a mix between what i call a Reversed End Fired Sub array and a End Fired Sub array.

It’s still 3 Subs but where in a End Fired Array every sub get’s delayed to the Sub 1 in the previous example now the Sub 1 gets delayed to Sub 2 measured at the back mic position. After it’s phase aligned to Sub 2 reversing polarity reduces SPL levels at the back.

The Sub 3 from the previous example is still treated the same as before: via the use of delay phase align it to sub 2 as you would in a End Fired config consisting of 2 subs.

Normally a Reversed End Fired has a challenge when aligning it to a Main PA because the back sub is late compared to the one in front of it and causes a in the magnitude respons. You can never align it properly but you can try to hide the problem. Never the less a Reversed End Fired Array will cause a reduction at the back over the full bandwidth of the sub array……

I’ll add the TRF files from Smaart as soon as i have time to do so.

Also on YOUTUBE and on VIMEO .

I hope this help and enjoy 😉

Posted 06/08/2017 by timobeckmangeluid in Subs

One response to “A mix between a Reversed End Fired Array (gradient) and a End Fired Array

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