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I did a more extreme FIR filter just to see what would happen at the onax mic position but even more important what would happen to other mic positions. First the onax result.009 end.png

And the solo traces of the high and low driver with the FIR filter applied.high-sololow-solo

To get there I first needed to eq the High and low drivers by doing an avarage of 3 mic’s. By getting the inverted processor output trace to match the 3 mic avarage trace the response of the system will be more flat over it’s target area.001-eq-high

After that I implemented a LR4 high pass filter @1K2 and used the FIR designer program to write a FIR filter for the high driver to get a extreme flat phase and flat frequency response.

The following screenshots are a zoom on the high driver where the green trace is the onax mic position vs a other mic position.003-high-extreme-flat-mic-onax-vs-middle002-high-extreme-flat-mic-middle-vs-onax004-high-extreme-flat-onax-vs-ofax005-high-extreme-ofax-vs-onax

So what might look like an ideal response on the onax mic is not so ideal on the other mic positions as expected.

I did the same thing on the low driver. First eq’ed it and after that applied a LR low pass at 1K2 and a Butterworth high-pass at 125Hz (need to check that do not remember exactly) and a FIR filter to correct the phase response of the low-pass filter. 006-eq-low007-low-fir-alone-solo

After everything was done I needed to check if both drivers would combine correctly.008 high +low solo.png

And check if they would sum at the crossover.sum high low close.png

Enjoy 😉

Equipment used:

Smaart V8/FIR Designer/Powersoft X8/Isemcon EMX7150’s/7Sound point source 2 way active loudspeaker/patience


Posted 29/11/2016 by timobeckmangeluid in FIR

2 responses to “Going extreme

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  1. Netjes,mooie ontwikkeling!!!!

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