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Here’s a little update.

I started working with FIR to see if I can improve a system. It’s first try so first i needed to see if this stuff is as powerful as a lot of people think……

Gotta say i’m sort of impressed but need to see how far i can take this new technique (at least it’s new for me) and what to look for and more important how NOT to f*ck things up (i’m really good at (f-word sorry) up things).

Here are a couple of screen shots of my first try so before you start telling me the system is not flat or phase is not exactly at 0º i know but hey: gotta start somewhere ;-).

Also this is just ONE MIC POSITION and really close to the system under test so when doing multiple mic positions and averages i’ll probably/DEFINITIVELY  end up with different settings that are more useful for a real world setting. Please remember this is just me trying out a COMPLETELY NEW WAY OF WORKING FOR ME (underscore ME). 


Special thanx to:

Michael @ Eclipse Audio : https://eclipseaudio.com.au (FIR Designer)

Luca Gianni and Luigi Chelli from Powersoft : http://www.powersoft-audio.com/en/

Arnoud van Buuren : http://www.acint.nl or 7Sound : http://www.acint.nl/sevensound

High start vs high end0001-high-strt-vs-high-end

High end vs high start002-high-end-vs-high-strt

Low start vs low end003-low-strt-vs-low-end

Low end vs low start004-low-end-vs-low-strt

Sum Low and High FIR….005-sum-of-both-high-and-low-fir

Update on this one:

Today i had a chance to do some measurements using this thing called FIR.

I decided to do a FIR based on only the onax mic and after that i wanted to know what would happen on the +/- ofax mic and the mic in the middle of the onax and ofax mic positions. As expected the onax mic position looked like something that’s to good to be true.


Why would this be to good to be true? Take a look at the next 2 screenshots. Blue would be the middle mic between the onax and ofax mic positions and the “some kind of red” trace was the respons on the ofax mic position.




And another update:

I measured a passive 6″ 1″ loudspeaker (2nd order filter between the high and low driver) and did a FIR filter to correct both the frequency and phase respons.

Orange is the speaker no processing applied white is the processed system(FIR filter + Butterworth 24db High-pass at 60Hz).


I’ll probably update this post as i go along with this powerful tool….

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