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One week of fun and getting FUBAR   Leave a comment

Wel PLS at Frankfurt is done for this year and what a week it was.
Drove there on monday to set up and again on wednesday for a day on the booth and again on friday for taking the gear out again.
Here are some pictures 😉 Hope to see you all there again next year or somewhere on the road or at the job Lees de rest van dit artikel »

Assumption is the mother of ……. nm.2   Leave a comment

A little follow-up

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He’s Back. ;-)   Leave a comment

Bij deze dus.


EQ’ing a system   5 comments

Most of the time (not always!) i see people watching there analyser screen during system tuning looking at spikes and dips and then hacking away with a 31-band graphic eq or if they’re lucky with a parametric eq. Lees de rest van dit artikel »

You need to listen to this interview REALLY   Leave a comment

You need to listen to this interview REALLY

interview with Bob mcCarthy Lees de rest van dit artikel »

Nice reaction on a measurement job i did   Leave a comment

Nice reaction on a measurement job i did

So a nice blog post regarding a alignment i did a couple of weeks ago . I did the first processor settings and the alignment on the system at the club it self .

Still we need to do a couple of adjustments on the set-up but this is a nice start . The speakers are from VISION ACOUSTICS custom build down here in the Netherlands .

End fired sub array first with delay then with 2nd order all-pass filters   1 comment

So here’s the last out of a week of messing with measurements . First part is about the same as the file from Rimini which was also a end fired sub array . The second part uses 2nd order all-pass filters instead of delay . Again i have some screen recordings (no sound sorry) of this measurement done with the Quick time player . If you want them let me know via e-mail . Enjoy 🙂 . Lees de rest van dit artikel »