In this post I positioned a Gradient Sub Array with the same settings as in the blog post: near a wall and adjusted eq and level a little to get a “better” respons (better means the max reduction at the back wall mic’s and hopefully a better respons on the on-axis mic) . Normally with just 1 sub the reflection from the wall at the back will cause a (couple of) dip(s). More on this can be found in a blog post from 2 years ago

I took some pictures of the whole array and mic positions. At the back there’s a ISEMcon EMX7150 + OPS and a 10EaZy class 1 system + OPS. The on axis mic is positioned at 8mt with +/- 16dB added gain compared to the EMX7150 at the back of the array

Here are the screen shots of the measurements done with Smaart 8.4

You can see Dips in the solo responses on the Sub front solo and Sub Back solo responses. The sum of both cleaned up the respons at the on axis 8mt mic postion and shows a firm reduction at the mic’s at the wall.

Data can be found below.

Enjoy and stay safe

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