This is a follow up on the post on cascading 2nd order all pass filters

The same thing can be done via FIR.

I can take the respons of the high driver with the offset in time (-0.37 ms if i’m correct), load it to FIR Designer M and do the same thing as before with IIR filters but in to 1 FIR File instead of using all filters available in the Powersoft X8dante.

Here’s the speeded version of the programming in FIR Designer M (at the bottom of this post there’s a real time screen capture but it’s long sorry….).

After that i can load all 3 FIR files in to the high driver output on the X8

Now i have to phase align the low driver to the high driver. Since the high driver has delay added to it via the FIR file i’ll use delay on the low driver + 1 2nd order All pass (more control).

First the FIR 200 sample filter delay version

Second the FIR 100 sample filter delay version

Third the FIR 50 sample filter delay version

Here are the results of a standard vs the IIR All-pass alignment and the 50 vs 100 vs 200 sample delay 2048 filter length FIR files

old school no fancy crap
50 vs 100 vs 200 samples delay 2048 filter lengt FIR files
Programming FIR real time (long version so it takes a long time to watch)

Data can be downloaded below. Enjoy

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