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Thanks everybody who visited The Fulcrum Acoustic/Rational Acoustic/ISEMcon booth at the ISE show last week.

ISE 001

Al gear on display at the booth (and more) is available at my company for demo’s.

So right now the following Speakers from Fulcrum Acoustic are available

TQ Install : 2 x CX896 1 x CX826 2 x CCX1295 1 x DX1595 1 x DX896 1 x FH1565

Prophile Series : 1 x P8

FA Portable : 2 x FA22ac 2 x FA12ac 2 x FA28ac 1 x FW15 1 x TS212 sub

Reference Monitors : 2 x RM25ac 2 x RM28ac 

Cardioid Subwoofers : 2 x CS121



Rational Acoustic : Smaart V8 Smaart DI2 Smaart i/o (discontinued but still present at my company).

Of course it’s possible to do a Smaart training session at my company or follow a Smaart training session given around the world by fellow instructors.


ISEMcon : EMX7150 ISEMic Calibrator SC-1 OPS  (for a price on the ISMcon products please contact your local distributor).

Next PLS Frankfurt….;-)


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