SETTING UP FOR A5.1 SET-UP   Leave a comment

Here’s a small screen cap on setting up a file for a 5.1 surround set up.

I’ll be using 2 Fulcrum Acoustic RM25ac (left and right main) and 2 RM28ac (left and right surround) studio monitors and a Fulcrum Acoustic FA28ac as centre channel.


The .1 sub channel is routed via a matrix thru the BSS BLU80 sound web to the Left and Right main monitors (these beasts run from 24Hz!!!!)

The whole system can be controlled via Powersoft’s Armonia+ program. Also the operator view can be made available via a web interface (something i wasn’t aware of before but after a Powersoft training i decided to get it working sort of).

Safari does not show working meters at this time but within explorer on a windows surface the meters are working (there has to be something to trouble shoot as usual).



Posted 15/12/2018 by timobeckmangeluid in Geen categorie

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