CSA: Front Back delay + polarity reverse vs No delay Only filters.   Leave a comment

This is a experiment after a sub woofer seminar i recently did. During the seminar i first did a

>CSA array : Front Back standard so the rear sub gets delayed to the front sub measured at the back mic position. (rectangular selection orange screen shot below).

After that i started freaking with phase and implemented only filters so no delay no polarity reverse to see what would happen…….

>CSA : front LP LR4 + 2nd order all pass filter. Rear LP Bessel 8 + 1st order all pass filter.(rectangular selection light blue screen shot below).

FB delay pol (LFT) FB filters only (RGHT)

Turns out that the no delay only filter solution has a similar response but the area where it’s reducing level is “wider” and it’s loosing +/- 1db in level on the 0º mic position.

Here’s a picture of the measurement set-up.

sub array fb delay+pol vs filters only

And the transfer data : Front Back sub array delay +pol vs filters only

Deze slideshow heeft JavaScript nodig.

I’m not biased to either the delay+polarity reverse solution or the filters only solution. It’s just me playing around with some cool gear 😉


Posted 29/09/2017 by timobeckmangeluid in Subs

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