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There’s a lot of interesting information to be found online regarding Sound System Measurement. Here’s some links for you to related screen captures on Youtube Vimeo (my blog 😉 ). I’ll keep updating this post as i go along.

Rational Acoustics Youtube channel Youtube Rational Acoustics Website

ISEMcon Website

Video’s on the Fulcrum Acoustic website

Fulcrum Acoustic Temporal EQ  Understanding FIR

Powersoft Armonia

10 Eazy website

A different way on working with Smaart V8 😉

Bob 606 mcCarthy Youtube search query

Understanding Phase (really good) youtube Understanding Phase 2 (really good) Youtube

Merlijn van Veen Youtube search query Merlijn van Veen Website

Mauricio Ramirez: Trust your ears, not just the analyzer Soundcloud

Nathan Lively   Nathan Lively Sound System Tuning eBook

Fedele de Marco’s blog on WordPress Italian Measurement GURU ( 😉 @ Fedele)

working file Armonia and Smaart for verification Youtube @ My blog @ Vimeo

time alignment vs phase alignment Youtube @ My blog @ Vimeo

Smaart armonia fir designer all together 2  Youtube @ My blog

Smaart V8 api Armonia on a powersoft X8 DSP+dante Youtube @ My blog @ Vimeo

lin vs log vs transfer vs level  Youtube @ My blog

001 Smaart start up spectrum sign gen names multiple i o Youtube @ My blog

002 Smaart configure transfer hotkey S and T Youtube @ My blog

003 Smaart onscreen controls and some hotkeys Youtube @ My blog

004 Smaart Options  Youtube @ My blog

Smaart spectrum options  Youtube @ My blog

linear to log for blog Youtube @ My blog

a little thing on delay + x over stuff Youtube

001 once upon a time Youtube @ My blog @ Vimeo

002 once upon a time phase vs GD LR4 hp lp 2nd allpass Youtube @ My blog

once upon a time 3 Youtube @ My blog

allpass trick blog 1 upon a time 4 Youtube @ My blog

Parametric high low and allpass filters Youtube

onax ofax horn stuff Youtube

7sound LR2 HP LP phase flat Youtube

Alignment example  Youtube

It’s all about that…..(base?) CSA 2x 900LFC close mic Youtube @ My blog

Memory aid T=1:F Youtube @ My blog

Phase alignment example  Youtube @ My blog

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