Smaart V8 Powersoft Armonia API enabled: Cool ;-)   1 comment

I finally got to play around a little with a beta version of the Powersoft Armonia software a Powersoft X8 DSP-Dante Smaart V8.1 and a 7sound point source 2 way actively driven loudspeaker.

This will not be the final response on the High driver. I’m just playing around with the Armonia software to see the awesome possibilities when working with this combination of soft & hardware. (Smaart V8 Armonia beta-RC 7sound HRX134 Isemcon EMX7150 matched octa set Yamaha RIO1608). Enjoy 😉

Also on Youtube

Sort of works 22-4-2017.PNG

Played around a little more and was able to get the phase a little more down @125Hz to about 30º. This means the Top has a phase respons from +/- 125Hz to 16kHz of +/- 30º with a latency of about 4ms.

Took a bit of time and lots of coffee.

top all final

And the top + sub…..

top+sub all final

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One response to “Smaart V8 Powersoft Armonia API enabled: Cool ;-)

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