Update: Smaart V8.1.2 & Smaart DI2.0.1   Leave a comment

I would like to share a message from Johnny on the Smaart Forum>Smaart Support page:

Update: Smaart V8.1.2 Smaart DI2 0.2

Smaart v8.1.2 and Smaart Di v2.0.1 are now available for download. If you’re already running the last update for either software version, open Smaart and click File -> Check for Updates to download and install this update. Otherwise you can download the installer from within your license management account at my.rationalacoustics.com. This update contains important bug fixes and is recommended for all users. Note: all changes in this update are common between both software versions. DO NOT deactivate your installation prior to installing the update.

Release Notes

▪ Weighting and dB Offset settings for captured traces are now persistent after toggling hide/show and are stored when you exit the program for persistence between sessions
▪ Client Window connection dialog now repeats discovery query every 2 seconds while open
▪ Changed default increment for dB Offset hotkey to 1 dB
▪ Added Cmd + R hotkey to manually refresh library
▪ Fixed bugs related to file system synchronization when moving files around in the Data Library
▪ Fixed crash when importing invalid Target Curve
▪ Fixed crash related to SPL logger
▪ Fixed bug where color picker shows a different color from the color swatch
▪ Fixed bug where hiding a white captured trace could break the hide/show state for other traces
▪ Fixed bug where Mic Correction Curve table wasn’t updating after changes
▪ Fixed bug where Recapture via the Command Bar failed
▪ Fixed bug where Broadband Meters could be shrunk below minimum size
▪ Fixed bug where new Plot Views were not updating in the Command Bar Config menu
▪ Fixed bug where ETC data may be corrupted in captured traces
▪ Fixed bug where right Alt key may not work for hotkeys in Windows
▪ Fixed bug where captured traces could not have a period (.) in the name
▪ Fixed bug where Coherence Blanking setting changes were not being updated in the plot
▪ Fixed bug where Copy to ASCII from a TF Average trace was only copying asterisks
▪ Fixed bug where Live IR could be toggled in the Client Window (not supported)

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