A small screen capture on delay and x-vr alignment   Leave a comment

Enjoy the screen capture. I hope it helps a bit……This is not a loudspeaker but 2 processor outputs summed trough a behri 4 channel mixing console. With a real 2 way actively driven cab it would not look as nice as this screen capture.

I just found an error i made :-(. The arrows i edited in starting at 2min15 are wrong. At least on the first one. The first arrow ends at 180º degrees while it should end at the first 0º passing just after 200Hz.
That being said every other arrow represents 360º steps. Since the phase starts at 60º around 20Hz and at 1kHz ends at -90º the total of 4.9ms added delay after the phase alignment sort of fits when you do the calculations. Using the group delay formula i end up somewhere around +/- 4.7ms. Which is close to the alignment delay used which is 4.9ms (and should come down a bit more to get the phase trace of the low to match the high @ 1kHz).

Posted 20/02/2017 by timobeckmangeluid in Geen categorie

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