Playing around with some subs (Fulcrum Acoustic CS121 & DX1595)   1 comment

Finally i found time to play around with the Fulcrum Acoustic CS121 and a DX1595. The CS121 is a passive cardioid design so no 2nd subwoofer needed to create reduction at the back of the array.

Me being a “technician” means i always want to verify what’s in a spec sheet. Not that i do not trust those spec sheets but just to know what will happen in a real live set-up.

So first the onax front to back. Both mic’s are 2.8 mt. away from the centre of the right sub woofer (for no special reason).side-view



I did a couple of measurements:

front vs back spacing none (as close together as possible). Green trace onax front Blue trace 180º ofax.001-onax-front-vs-back-180o


After the first measurement i placed the 180º mic at the 90º ofax side again at 2.8 mt. away from the sub’s centre with no spacing between the 2 subs. Green trace onax front Blue trace 90º ofax.003-onax-vs-ofax-90o-no-spacing


After the second measurement with the mic 90º ofax at 2.8 mt. away from the sub’s centre i spaced the 2 subs with +/- 1.5 mt. between them.


Green trace onax front Blue trace 90º ofax.005-onax-vs-ofax-90o-1-5mt-spacing-between-subs


After that i also had the DX1595 do it’s thing along with the sub woofers. Green trace onax front Blue trace 90º ofax.007-onax-vs-ofax-90o-1-5mt-spacing-between-subs-top-dx5195


This is by no means a lab test but just me messing around with some cool gear 😉


Equipment: Smaart V8 ISEMcon EMX7150 MOTU 4pre Fulcrum Acoustic CS121 passive cardioid sub woofer DX1595 2 way 15″ coax Powersoft X8 patience (not really).

Posted 27/01/2017 by timobeckmangeluid in Fulcrum Acoustic

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