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I’m working on a advanced training for those who are interested in it. So i’ve seen remarks by people on the internet/forums suggesting to others to try certain filters instead of the ones they use on there speakers and have “problems/issues” with. Also people seem to think it might be a good idea to use other filters/speaker settings recommended by manufacturers. Changing settings without knowing the consequences can and probably will cause a worse outcome if you can’t verify everything you do without some kind of measurement device capable of transfer measurements (so not RTA;-) and knowledge regarding loudspeaker tuning…….

Here’s a start on filters out of in this case a APEX intelli-x2 processor which has most of the more common x-over filters used nowadays….. If i have time the next few days/weeks i’ll try to get measurements on a few more exotic filters (elliptic out of the Meyer Sound galileo ; Elliptic out of a XTA ; NTM out of the BSS blu80’s and the phase linear filters out of a linea processor currently available to me)

The channels visible in the screen capture are 1 mic (that’s the audio track audible mic vs reference (pink noise) both mono tracks).

The data i took how ever consisted of Mic 1 onax/Mic2 ofax-6db horizontal/Mic3 ofax-6db vertical/Mic4 middle between onax-ofax/processor low out/processor high out/average of mics 1-2-4.

You can download the data below.


Enjoy 😉

(You might compare filters out of your processor with the ones in the zip file. Specially the Bessel filters might surprise you when compared between units).


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  1. I’ll attend your training, will it be online?

  2. Sorry it’s not a online training. You have to show up at my place in the Netherlands……

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