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I would like to share a message from John Aldrich on the Smaart live users Facebook page. Smaart live users


Starting with Smaart v8.1, we’re doing something a little different with our software release cycle; we’ll be offering the latest in-dev software build through an open beta to any Smaart v8 owners who are interested in the most bleeding-edge features. 

There WILL be bugs, crashes, and other unexpected behavior in the beta build, so if that scares you just stick to the release version. The release and beta versions are segregated as much as possible, so you can have them installed on the same machine without compromising the release version.

Moving forward we really want to solidify the release builds and find the trouble areas before they become a bigger burden. We’re relying on your feedback to find some of the more elusive bug/crashes, so if you encounter something unexpected don’t assume that it’s already been found, please send a report to

For more information and to download the Smaart v8 Beta installer, visit the “Downloads” page (NEW page in the header menu) within your account at


Also for the tech’s in the UK & Ireland: There’s a Smaart Facebook page:                               Smaart live users UK & Ireland

Here’s a little teaser:


cmd+shift+hide 1

cmd+shift+hide 2

cmd+shift+hide 4

cmd+shift+hide 3


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