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Playing with a few filters:

Summing 2 outputs out of a Galileo 6-16.Start: Red trace: elliptic LP filter @400Hz + elliptic HP filter @400Hz.Final: Black trace Low elliptic LP filter @400Hz 2nd order Allpass filter @87Hz Q: 0.5 (i think can’t remember the value on the Q factor) High elliptic HP @614Hz and polarity reverse. X-over value on in this case the high’s had to move to match the -6dB points in order to get a +/- flat summation. Gotta love those x-overs…… certainly love to work with Smaart7/Yamaha rio 16-8/ Dante/4channel midas(behringer mixing dingaling for summing the outputs…….).

Start SUM out 1+2 Eliptic LP 400Hz Eliptic HP 400Hz Galileo 6-16


Final SUM out 1+2 Eliptic LP@400Hz+2nd order Allpass @87Hz Eliptic HP 614Hz pol. rev. (ø) Galileo 6-16

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