That was a “fun” day: Danley Sound Labs/XTA Demo day   2 comments

This was a fun day playing around with a couple of loud speakers 😉

Blog2                         me and a little subbie thing                                      danley xta 2                           xta danley                         Danley set-up outside                                           danley nice                                            danley 2

Posted 29/05/2015 by timobeckmangeluid in Geen categorie

2 responses to “That was a “fun” day: Danley Sound Labs/XTA Demo day

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  1. Did you deviate much from factory presets? I found the demos a bit top heavy and lacking in definition on toms, coverage was excellent though. The BC415 felt like a car sub mind, very ‘burp’ sound.

    • I did not tune the set-up outside. That was a very able colleague of me. He did deviate from the factory preset because he did not like the overlap in the low end between sub and sub/low mid from the tops.
      In the end he did a very good job but when i have to work on this combination i’ll take a look at that. First I gotta get the max voltages the speakers are able to handle to get the limiters doing what they need to do.
      That’s one for next week or so. I did think it sounded very good overall…..

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