3way crossover alignment (a non lab real live situation)   4 comments

A smal example on working with in my case Smaart7.5.2. This is not lab situation and normally takes a bit longer then i did when getting the screen recordings. Please lower the volume on your audio until you’ve heard pink noise and set it to a sensible level (!:-).

You can hook up you measurement set-up and split the audio channels (LFT/RGHT) and rout them back in to your set-up for a transfer measurement.

Turns out that the audio quality is not the same as recorded so it will not look the same as in the video i’m sorry to say.(Still if you put the phase and magnitude smoothing on at 1/12oct or 1/6oct it will look a bit better but please try to not use that kind of setting in real live measurements. 1/24oct 1/48oct or none smoothing is the preferred setting in that kind of a situation ).

1 channel is the measured signal (ISEMcon EMX7150 out of a matched quad set) and the other channel is the reference signal (pinkish stuff most of the time).

If your dual channel FFT analyzer shows a negative time you need to swap the LFT & RGHT signals.

In 1 part of the video you see a sub woofer measurement where i “find” the delay. In that part i forgot to change the recorded measurement signal so if you see a difference between the screen and your own set-up do not bother to tell me i know :-(. It’s a different mic from the one you see in the video. Secondly it’s a ground plane measurement and the mic is really close so i did find a time on the sub but it’s not the way  i would normally do a measurement on a sub woofer. Normally you would synchronize your set-up on a full range system and then do a phase alignment on the sub to get the phase traces of the top and the sub matching at the x-over.

Equipment Used : SMAART7.5.2 on a macbook, 4 isemcon EMX7150 (matched set), Apex intelli-x 4in/8out, 7sound HRX134 (12″/1.4″) and a LSX18b 18″sub (Thanxs Arnoud), 7sound amps (Q4&Q7) and a lot of Douwe Egberts coffee 😉


4 responses to “3way crossover alignment (a non lab real live situation)

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  1. Nice video. Where do you place measurement mic’s? Distance / height.. Close mic / Distance mic / Of Axis mic

    Jens Mortensen
  2. what program file are you using? can you share?


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