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Just a little thing regarding working with the analyzer bridge within the APEX Intelli-ware interface for the Intelli-x processors and Smaart 7.

Setting up Intelli-ware with Smaart 7.5001strt

Start set-up002strt2

Go to Tools select analyser bridge settings003strt3

Select analyser in my case Smaart 7.5004strt4

Connected or not?005strt5

Select Spectrum or Transfer.006strt6

Select a measurement group.007strt7

Select which transfer measurement you want to see within Intelli-Ware.strt8

Invert the selected trace for EQ purposes.strt9

So during the EQ’ing i only wanted to get a “flat system” so i did not really care if these eq filters made any sense. Would i use these rather extreme eq’s in real live. Probably not!!!!!!

The difference in the outcome between working stand alone with Smaart 7 or the combination Smaart 7/Intelli-ware via the “Analyser bridge” probably has to do with the screen resolution on my Windows laptop and me not being used to working this way. Also i prefer to work with Smaart 7 stand alone if possible because i have the choice of getting the start of the measurement (the un-EQ’ed trace) on screen which is as far as i know not possible within Intelli-ware.

Also this is as most posts on this Blog not a lab test but me just playing around with al the toy’s available at the moment.

First I did an EQ setting without looking at Smaart (running on a Mac next to the windows laptop). 

First i match the first EQ filter with the inverted mic trace.Apex bridge eq1

After the EQ matches the inverted mic trace i apply the filter and as a result the magnitude trace flattens out to the 0dB line.Apex bridge eq1 in

And here’s the response within Smaart 7 after the EQ filter is implemented.10 Apex eq1 bridge

And now the same for the next 5 EQ filters. So first get the EQ filter to match the inverted mic trace after that implement the EQ filter and at the same time save the trace within Smaart 7.

Here’s the 2nd.Apex bridge eq2

Apex bridge eq2 in

11 Apex eq2 bridge

Here’s the 3rd.Apex bridge eq3

Apex bridge eq3 in

12 Apex eq3 bridge

Here’s the 4rt.Apex bridge eq4

Apex bridge eq4 in

13 Apex eq4 bridge

Here’s the 5ft.Apex bridge eq5

Apex bridge eq5 in

14 Apex eq5 bridge

Here’s the 6th.Apex bridge eq6

Apex bridge eq6 in

15 Apex eq6 bridge

And now the same thing but the other way around. So Smaart will tell me the EQ settings via a split on the output from the processor.

1st EQ filter.03 smaart eq1 edit apex bridge

eq1 smaart

eq1 smaart in

2nd EQ filter.09 smaart eq2 edit apex bridge

Smaart eq2 edit

Smaart eq2 edit in

3rd EQ filter.05 smaart eq3 apex bridge

Smaart eq3

Smaart eq3 in

4rt EQ filter.06 smaart eq4 apex bridge

Smaart eq4

Smaart eq4 in

5th EQ filter.07 smaart eq5 apex bridge

Smaart eq5

Smaart eq5 in

6th EQ filter.08 smaart eq6 apex bridge

Smaart eq6

Smaart eq6 in

And a “Compare” of both results on the mic traces. Purple is the result with Smaart 7 and red is the result Smaart 7/Intelli-ware analyser bridge. Again the difference is probably because of the screen resolution of my windows laptop and the possibility of getting more traces on screen when working with Smaart 7 stand alone which makes it easier to make small changes on the EQ settings done with the Apex Intelli-x2.16 eq smaart paars apex bridge rood

Processor out traces. Green is the Smaart 7 trace and Blue is the Smaart 7/Intelli-ware trace.17 processor out between apex bridge eq vs smaart eq

And now the Intelli-ware screenshots on both EQ settings. The difference in the phase traces between Smaart 7 and Intelli-ware are probably due to Smaart 7 working on 48kHz and the Intelli-x processor working @ a 96kHz sample rate.Apex eq Smaart vs apex proc trace

smaart eq apex proc trace vs smaart

If you have time (and the budgetKnipogende emoticon) to check this stuff out please do. It’s pretty cool stuff. Greetz Timo.

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2 responses to “Using Smaart7 with Apex intelli-Ware

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  1. Hi Timo,
    I own an APEX intelli-x 2 48. I am about to buy a bridged software (either SMAART or Live-Capture) to work on a domestic 4-way project. The first thing I wonder is; am I going to need an additional external 8 changel I/O or the APEX is already working as one? I would be really grateful in case you could answer a couple of some other questions as well. Pls mail me when you have some time. Many thanks in advance!

    • Hi stamatis you just need a i/o for the mic you use for the measurement.
      The reason for me to also measure a output channel of the intelli-x was to find out if there would be a difference in the eq settings i did.
      As stated in the article the difference is mainly due to the screen resolution i have on my windows machine. You can ask questions via mail:

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