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So just finished a 2 day seminar at 7sound Wadinxsveen down here in the Netherlands in doing measurements with dual FFT analyzers in this case Smaart7.4 <a href=””&gt;the group sept 2013

end fired 1

end fired 2

I did the simulation on this array in map on line . Although it’s a simulation this is about the same as i experienced while aligning this array in a real live situation .

40HzEnd-fired-steering-40Hz_thumb1  50HzEnd-fired-steering-50Hz_thumb2  63HzEnd-fired-steering-63Hz_thumb3  80HzEnd-fired-steering-80Hz_thumb2  100HzEnd-fired-steering-100Hz_thumb2  125HzEnd-fired-steering-125Hz_thumb4

Needless to say : be carefull if you do this kind of an array .

end fired3

So this is what Map predicts on this aray .

40Hzend fired 6subs standard 40_thumb[1]  50Hzend fired 6subs standard 50_thumb[2]  63Hzend fired 6subs standard 63_thumb[2]  80Hzend fired 6subs standard 80_thumb[2]  100Hzend fired 6subs standard 100_thumb[1]  125Hzend fired 6subs standard 125_thumb[4]

If you are interested in such a seminar let me know via E-mail @:

or call :

0031-626144076 .

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