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So i had to do monitors yesterday during a Hard rock festival . I used smaart to check all monitors . Turned out we had to open up 1 monitor to reverse polarity on the high driver to get it to match wit all other monitors .

Floor 1 something is wrong maybe

Floor 2 and 3

Floor 2 3 4

Floor 2 3 4 6

All floors

Floor 1 has a problem compared to the rest of them

The drum fill consisted of a mid high cabinet combined with 2 USW1p sub woofers . Turned out the USW1p needed to be polarity reversed to match the mid high section .

Mid high cab drum fill

USW no filters vs MH monitor

Sum mh drum fill and USW pol rev needed on the usw

Sum mh usw drum fill vs mh usw pol reversed

so here are some spectrum plots taken during last nights festivities .

monitor level band 1  monitor level band 2  band 3 spl half way in to the show

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