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So this week i already did 3 jobs and 1 is still to follow .

measurement rig

The first 2 where done using SIM3 and to get screen-shots from SIM i have to use my good old windows lap-top and the set-up data viewer program to review the data on that . I’ll try to upload data from those 2 jobs next week .

After the 2 jobs mentioned previously i had to do a line array set-up which i did with SMAART 7 . The set-up consisted of a 4 sub end fired config combined with a line array (linex / sound projects) with a ground stack and in-fill system . So here are the screen shots .

The settings where from a saved processor preset from last year so i only needed to verify if all settings were still valid .

S1 solo (back sub)

AP001 Sub 1

S2 solo vs S1 solo

AP002 Sub2

S1 vs S2 vs S3 solo

AP003 Sub3

S1 vs S2 vs S3 vs S4 solo

AP004 Sub4

S1 vs Sum S1+S2

AP005 S1 vs S1+S2

S1 vs Sum S1+S2 vs Sum S1+S2+S3

AP006 S1solo vs S1+S2 vs S1+S2+S3

S1 vs Sum S1+S2 vs Sum S1+S2+S3 vs Sum all

AP007 S1 solo vs S1+S2 vs S1+S2+S3 vs S1+2+3+4

Linex main lft strt

AP008 Linex main

Linex main lft strt vs S1

AP009 Main vs S1 solo

Linex main lft strt vs S1 vs Sum of both

AP0010 Main + S1

Linex main lft strt vs S1 vs sum S1+Main lft vs all systems on .

 AP0011 Main lft + end fired sub array all on

So there’s more to follow next week when i have time to review all data from this week . 

Enjoy . 

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