The Rimini (Italy) Adventure   Leave a comment

I got invited to show a group of technicians in Italy a few things about measuring with a FFT analyzer and how to analyze the data within this case SMAART7 . Especially the 2nd day was fun doing a lot of sub-woofer arrays . So here are some pictures of different sub arrays .

This is the group with me in the front (line).


So first me enjoying a real good PIZZA .


A end-fired configuration of six (Meyer Sound USW1p subwoofers)

IMG_1665 IMG_1664

A gradient sub array or reversed end fired as i call it .


A mix between point source sub and reversed end fired . This was a new array to me for measuring . Turned out we had to put a little bit more distance between the point source and the sub at the back to get it to work better .

IMG_1669 IMG_1668

So i want to say Thanx to the guys who attended the seminar and a real big thanx to luca who invited me to come (the present being the wine liquor bread and olive oil are already used and well appreciated) . I had a lot of fun doing it and learned a lot my self also (the mistakes i make during measuring teach me a lot) .

If you have a question regarding the seminar do not hesitate to give me a call at 0031626144076 or sent a e-mail to .

I can do this kind of thing in dutch or english .

With kind regards Timo Beckman .


So i got a reaction from 1 of the attendees :

Hello Timo, now I have your email!

Maybe I will be in contact with you in the future!!
Thank you for the files!
It has been a pleasure to follow your seminar, after many years of work learning something new
is really revitalizing!
I’ve already tried two cardioid configuration:
the simply one, three stacked and the middle reversed.
this is quite easy and quick, I had cancellation in the back.
More cancellation when I  corrected the freq. response of the rear sub to match the front sub one (rear mic ref);
I tried also the special end fire (3+2+1):
also with this we, at the end, have cancellation. Before we had to obtain similar response, from all the 
6 USW subs, because two of them were passive (rev polarity, different power [6dB] and different response [lo-pass more deep]), once corrected as possible the differences
and after aligning the subs, we had a kind of cancellation in the rear (maybe no as much as your setting) and quite pressure in the front!
All this I tried, I did with yamaha 01V96, but definitely, does’t work: no lo/hi-pass with correct curves,
no polarity on outs(I used POL rev cable), only delay and PEq, and also shitty sound.
It works, because I had cancellation, but it sound bad! Your setting sounds very good!
Next time I try it with BSS omnidrive, it should sound better, I hope!
Thank you again for all, hear you soon.

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