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So finally i got to play a bit with some subs today (also to prepare some keynote files for the seminar in Italy at the end of this month;-) .

End fired array with a small twist :

End fired with a twist 1 End fired with a small twist other angle End fired 2

Gradient with 2 stacks of 3 :

Gradient 4 gradient 3 gradient 2 gradient 1

CSA standard : first the data out of smaart .

I synchronized smaart on the “back sub” with the “back mic” . All data relates to this point of synchronization .  First the 2 front subs measured with the mic at the back .

001 Front subs (2) measured at the back


So here’s the sub i synchronized on . The phase trace shows it needs delay to match the phase trace of the other 2 subs .

002 Back fireing sub Back mic

The “back sub” matches the phase trace of the 2 “front subs” at the back mic . So now i need to reverse polarity to reduce the level at the back .

003 Back fireing sub 4ms delay matched with front subs measured at the back


The “back sub” polarity reversed and delayed by 4ms to reduce the level at the back when summed with the 2 “front subs” .

004 pol rev on back fireing sub


The sum of all measured at the back . (coffee break is due now:-)

005 all subs in a csa config measured at the back

csa keyenote 1 CSA keyenote 2

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