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End fired with a twist . (Nice data from the Rimini seminar).   Leave a comment

So i did get some really nice data from the measurements done in Rimini Italy .

I made a PDF explaining what happens in front and at the back of this type of an array .

A detailed post about the tech stuff can be found here : . This is done however with different subs and in a virtual world using MAP on Line and RBV2-9 .

First i started out by matching the level of each part of the array at the back mic position . The reason being i had to get the max cancelation over a large area because the USW1p has to run from as low as it goes up to 125Hz to match the top loudspeaker which was a UPA1p in this case . Lees de rest van dit artikel »

The Rimini (Italy) Adventure   Leave a comment

I got invited to show a group of technicians in Italy a few things about measuring with a FFT analyzer and how to analyze the data within this case SMAART7 . Especially the 2nd day was fun doing a lot of sub-woofer arrays . So here are some pictures of different sub arrays .

This is the group with me in the front (line).


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Some sub arraying …….   1 comment

So finally i got to play a bit with some subs today (also to prepare some keynote files for the seminar in Italy at the end of this month;-) .

End fired array with a small twist : Lees de rest van dit artikel »

Lucky ? Yes definitely updated   Leave a comment

So here’s a link to a piece of music .

I was lucky enough to have worked with this band back in the year 2000 . Even more lucky because the show was recorded and mixed (by me) on i think 4 Tascam DA38 digital machines . Alexander Broussard the guy that wrote the music and performed it with his band posted this on his FB so now i’ll repost it to share it with those who like live music and a kick ass band (at least in my opinion) .

Hope you like it and enjoy 🙂

Alexander Broussard : Key’s / lead vocals / producer

Joeri Baldinger : Drums

Marcello Briganti : Bass

Kenrick Gunther : Percussion

This blog is mainly about the tech stuff and aligning sound systems but never forget that in the end it’s the musicians doing there thing and working together with the technicians that make the performance a success .

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Measurement Seminar Italy : Rimini   Leave a comment

All has been confirmed now .

So at the end of august i’ll be giving a measurement seminar in Rimini Italy . Nice and a big thanxs to Luca for arranging this .