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So here are a few screenshots of a job i did this week .

I did not save all traces i’m sorry to say due to “not having enough time” and having to do it fast .

Bellow the start of this setup which consisted of 4 sub’s and 2 tops per side in a +/-500 people venue and is a “copy” or a budget version of the synco brand used a lot down here in the Netherlands . These tops are a bit like the combi tops from synco (combination of part of the MH top and a 15” low driver as far as i know).

So here’s the start . Nothing changed yet . The settings are from the distributor here in the Netherlands .

001 Tavenu start

And now the same response red being the same as above but with the phase display and the blue for verifying if all drivers are wired correctly . (There is a level difference due to me moving the mic and resynchronizing at a different position further away so less level and more reflections . The second top is also next to a wall which effects the phase).

001 Tavenu start top1 vs top 2

The Mid-high section (so a 10” and the high driver on a passive x-over network) .

002 Tavenu start MH

The LOW driver (a 15” driver).

003 Tavenu start low

Mid-high section vs the LOW section . The LOW needs delay and maybe a different low-pass filter/frequency to get a better alignment between the 2 (it ended up to about 2ms and different filter orders and slightly different x-overpoints).

003b MH vs LOW

So here’s the 2 solo responses of the High-mid and Low driver . The black trace is the sum of both and takes the middle road (the middle road in this case is the sum of phase and level differences between the 2 drivers). Just before the 1kHz mark you can see the phase drop pretty fast which might be a indicator of the passive x-over network for the x-over between the 10”and the high driver . (Do not know but if i have time i’ll try to find out via the internet).

003c MH vs LOW black being the sum of both

So here’s a transfer from 1 sub of 4 for reference .

004 Tavenu start sub

And all 4 subs just to check if they have a similar phase response (no polarity problems on the right side) . I did not have time enough to check the left side but there were no strange things happening during the final check with music so i took the risk of assuming (assumption being the mother of all fuck-ups) all was wired correctly . Again only 4 hours to do this tuning .

005 Tavenu 4 subs solo respons

A touch of eq (blue trace) vs the original response (red).

006 top no eq red vs top eq blue scale @ 6db

Again a touch of eq (blue trace) vs the original response (red) but with a 12db scaling vs 6db above .

006 top no eq red vs top eq blue scale @ 12db

And here’s 1 to keep the marketing department happy (smoothed in to heaven:-).

006 top no eq red vs top eq blue scale @ 12db smoothed in to heaven

Again a touch of eq (blue trace) vs the original response (red) but with a 12db scaling and the x-over lowered to match with the LOW driver .

007red vs top eq ready blue x-over at other freq scale @ 12db

All on (just 1 sub not 4). With 4 subs you’ll see a rise of sub like you can see in the first screen shot . I ended up taking the output level down by 6db on the processor to get music out of this set-up instead of a lot of level .

Down here i moved the mic to the –6db point of the first top and after that started to move the 2nd top to match the phase and frequency response of the first .

008 Tavenu getting  there -6db T1

Both tops on with the mic at the acoustic x-over between T1and T2 (T for top). Nice addition with some tweaking left in the splaying between the 2 (little dip @+/-10K and the high end starts to drop @ 12K5). 

008 Tavenu getting there x-over T1-T2

So i took 4 traces for getting the trends for eq points . Probably i would make some adjustments during mixing at +/- 400Hz just before 1K there’s a peak that’s pretty consistent . Other points might be 4K (do not like that frequency but that’s just me) maybe a little less at 8K and there’s a consistent 1 just before 16K but i didn’t bother me at the time .

009 traces for eq purpuses

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