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So i did some more measuring this week and got some comparing screen shots for you all between SIM3 and SMAART7.4 .

The small difference in the high end between them has to do with SIM3 giving information up to 22687.5Hz and SMAART7.4 stops at19870Hz (at least on my MBP:-) and the synchronization time within SIM3 @ 8.21ms and SMAART7.4 synchronizing @8.23ms which comes down to about 1 sample difference between the 2 analyzers .

The set-up i tested was my own little sound system so in this case 3 x USW1p (CSA configuration) and for this comparison 1 x UPA1p . Measurement mic was a DPA4007 and processing was handeld by 1 APEX intelli-x             4 in 8 out system processor . Lees de rest van dit artikel »

Workin on keynote files again . Here’s a PDF of 1 of my seminar files   Leave a comment

So have fun 🙂 . Basic stuff but you gotta start somewhere .

real live alignment on a UPA1p USW1p

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It’s nice to see the behavior of a “Line array” change when more loudspeakers are added . This is going to be set of 4 for small jobs . So no flying of stuff and the “line” is not long enough to have the benefit of a “full line array” but still i got some interesting data (nothing new but it’s a good example of the logarithmic build up at the low-mid end of a small line of 4) Lees de rest van dit artikel »

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Some more pictures of loudspeaker set-ups added 🙂

Timo's World all around the globe

So first 1 is a picture of a product developed here in the Netherlands by a group enthusiastic audio tech’s known as United Tecknowledgy .

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Some data regarding a tuning i did today (24-07-2013).   Leave a comment

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So during the measurements done in the post before this 1 i also was asked to do measurements on a few SUBS . Lees de rest van dit artikel »

Meyer Sound SIM3 vs Rational Acoustics SMAART7   2 comments

This week i finally got the chance to do a small comparison between SIM3 and SMAART7 . I work a lot with both programs so knowing differences between them might be handy for me . Lees de rest van dit artikel »