A few pictures from the last 2 months   1 comment

So first 1 is a picture of a product developed here in the Netherlands by a group enthusiastic audio tech’s known as United Tecknowledgy .

Big boy

2nd is a picture of a real nice system i ran in to via the United Tecknowledgy group .

It’s also a system build down here in the Netherlands by SOUNDDream

sound dreams product

3rd is a set-up known to a lot of tech’s here in the Netherlands and is based on the Synco brand used by APR .



Nice reaction from the owner of this set-up (sorry it’s in dutch) :
Ik heb nu al een aantal keren de set mee gehad
Maar ik ben zeer tevreden over de setting die je voor mij gemeten en afgeregeld hebt
Wat gaat dat hard en zuiver zeg
Nogmaals bedankt…..super!!!!!
 Dit wou ik je effe laten weten….
 Groeten Martin.

4xLabhorns 2x USB's 2xTurbo toppen

SLS8800 USW1p

Come Saturday i’ll post a picture of my own little set-up which is a standard Meyer Sound set-up (2 x UPA1p / 2 x UPA2p / 8 x USW1p) only different processing so instead of a galileo i’m using the apex intell-x .

20130702-010203.jpgsls 2013sls2013-2

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  1. Dit is op Timo's World all around the globe herblogden reageerde:

    Some more pictures of loudspeaker set-ups added 🙂

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