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So just a few screenshots . Some were made before processing was applied some during or after .

1st UPA1p

001UPA onax strt

UPA1P set to -6dB

002UPA onax trace set to  6db

Mic moved to the -6db point (so ofax)

003Mic to  6db point

004Mic   6db point vs onax offset to  6dB

UPA2p also @ the -6dB point

005UPA2p  x over UPA1p

SUM UPA1p + UPA2p @ x-over matched

006SUM UPA1p + UPA2p  x over between the 2

Melodie onax

Melodie solo

Melodie vs UPJ both onax (allpass filter needed to get them to match)

UPJ vs Melodie

Melodie vs UPQ both onax (allpass filter needed to get them to match)UPQ vs Melodie

A experiment on a studio monitor for getting flat phase .

Flat phase


179775_10201201320543164_1068163884_n 1002412_10201201320583165_1607987859_n

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