X-over alignment between a Meyer Sound UPA1p & UPA2p   Leave a comment

So i do not have to much time at this moment but it’s a teaser for my next post . 

The problems i run in to most of the time are often related to the difference between a onax and a ofax response .

A lot of manufacturers post really nice looking screenshots of there systems which are mostly from onax responses . The real trouble starts at the ofax response . If the response of the ofax point of a system doesn’t “match” closely to the onax response of that system it’s going to be hard to get a even response over the target area when used in a array with multiple cabinets .

For now i’ll stick to the screenshots made with in this case SMAART 7.4 until i have time to do some more accurate measurements on this subject . Just a simple array of 2 speakers .

All of this is really well described in the green bible by Bob mcCarthy so when ever given the chance to do 1 of his seminars or one by MAGU : They are money well spent so if you can attend !!!!

So here’s a start .

UPA1p onax response .

001UPA onax strt

UPA1p onax response level offset -6dB .

002UPA onax trace set to -6db

UPA1p ofax response Mic @ the -6dB point (phase matches so the mic is @ +/- the same distance as the mic @ the onax position was @ the start .

003Mic to -6db point

UPA1p ofax response Mic @ the -6dB point vs the onax response @ -6dB .

004Mic @ -6db point vs onax offset to -6dB

UPA2p (green) ofax response @ the -6dB from the UPA1p (brown) .

005UPA2p @ x-over UPA1p

006SUM UPA1p + UPA2p @ x-over between the 2

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