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Screenshots of whatever brand i come across .   Leave a comment

So just a few screenshots . Some were made before processing was applied some during or after . Lees de rest van dit artikel »

To all from the United Tecknowledgy group . Screenshots of the last measurements with SIM3   3 comments

So lately I’ve gotten involved with a group of technicians here in the Netherlands called United Tecknowledgy . The following screen shots from the SIM3 measurement monster are from a “proof of concept” loudspeaker cabinet which has 12 low drivers 12 mid drivers and 4 coaxial mid high – high drivers . I call this THE BIG BOY (and big it is:-) .

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Meten is weten ?   1 comment

Voor een ieder die geïnteresseerd is in een basis cursus meten met FFT analyzers zoals SMAART SIM3 SAT-live bel even :


of stuur even een mailtje naar :

Met vriendelijke groeten Timo Beckman .

X-over alignment between a Meyer Sound UPA1p & UPA2p   Leave a comment

So i do not have to much time at this moment but it’s a teaser for my next post . 

The problems i run in to most of the time are often related to the difference between a onax and a ofax response .

A lot of manufacturers post really nice looking screenshots of there systems which are mostly from onax responses . The real trouble starts at the ofax response . If the response of the ofax point of a system doesn’t “match” closely to the onax response of that system it’s going to be hard to get a even response over the target area when used in a array with multiple cabinets . Lees de rest van dit artikel »

Working on keynote files : this time it’s group delay   Leave a comment

This was done inspired by the coarse from Bob mcCarthy (@ the start of march this year so the idea of the presentation is definitely not mine). Lees de rest van dit artikel »

SO HERE’S ANOTHER USE OF THE 2ND ORDER ALLPASS FILTER (not a recommendation by the way)   Leave a comment

Well at the end of April down here in the Netherlands we have a party all over our small country called the Queens day which also had a minor addition this year . The queen gave way for our new king so the party got a bit bigger . Lees de rest van dit artikel »