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So it took some time but the new rack i ordered for all measurement equipment finally arrived this week .

Got some work to do .

new rack

The eq might be replaced but that is not at the top of the list . First i have to get all working properly .

Equipment within the rack :

Aten KVM rack console 5808

SIM3 + SIM mic switch + SIM3 Line switch

Behringer mixer 4 channels for measurement seminars

Fuhrman power distributor

Zeck 2 x 30 band graphic eq (might be replaced in the future)

Apex intelli-x 4in/8out 2 x System processors

BSS BLU80 16in/16out 2 x System processors

DPA 4007 measurement mic 6 x (matched set)

SMAART i/o for SMAART 7.4 3 x with a mac book pro

2 x HP lan switches for network and cobra-net for the BLU80 system processors .

Windows lab-top for controlling al system processors



All 6 DPA 4007 mic’s . They’re still pretty close after 5 years of usage….. 🙂

And all working .


And the 3 smaart i/o


low freq resulution

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