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First a link to the topic

And a few screenshots with different filter combinations . I’m trying to get a similar frequency response like the NTM filters . I did not succeed in getting the same response as a NTM filter but it’s just an example what might happen if you play around with combinations of filters and different delay settings .

First a combination of 2 Linkwitz-Riley filters .

SUM of a LR4lp@1kHz and a LR2lp@1K5 (blue=LR4 red=LR2 black=sum)

lr4lp@1k lr2lp@1500 sum

SUM & SOLO response of a LR4lp@1kHz -0,5ms of delay and a BUTT6lp@2kHz -0,1ms of delay

lr4lp@1k lr2lp@1500 solo and sum

Same as above but only the SUM

lr4lp @1k butt6lp@2k sum

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