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All kinds of filters out a processor (apex intelli-x and in the future some other processors)   Leave a comment

So first a link to a article written by Bennett Prescott :


This post will be updated when ever i get the chance to do measurements on whatever processor i come across and i have time left to do them .

So because of the article i thought it would be nice to measure the outputs of different processors i run in to doing the job . Within my company I have the APEX intelli-x and BSS BLU80 processors so they are the first units i will be measuring Lees de rest van dit artikel »

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Compas go compas and galileo     custom controll page20121019-111939.jpg Lees de rest van dit artikel »


This is a screenshot of the on axis behaviour of a new loudspeaker . It’s a 18” horn loaded sub-woofer and a double 12” low/low-mid section on separate processor/amp channels and a coaxial 1.4”/1” driver . Looking good so far .

meting leuk

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Bob McCarthy is coming back to the Netherlands   Leave a comment

So this is the link to the company that’s organizing the event for all who are interested .

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