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A weeks work May 2012   Leave a comment

So these are a few photo’s taken on 2 jobs last week . First i was hired as a system/FOH tech on a Jazz Festival in Amersfoort the Netherlands and after that to do the wired part of a intercom set-up in the Amsterdam Arena for the Toppers in Concert shows .

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Phase Correction and the effect on the Impulse response   Leave a comment

and a Powerpoint!/view.aspx?cid=5933DA57CF499561&resid=5933DA57CF499561%212427

Alignment with All-pass filters and the effect it has on the Impulse Response   Leave a comment

So i wondered about this . I’m spending a lot of time correcting or better to adjust the phase response of a loudspeaker system but never investigated the influence it has on the Impulse Response of a system .

So for now I’m posting without a explanation but as i expected the Impulse Response gets tighter in a “phase flat system” . As i keep writing on this post I’ll probably have to do some more measuring and the frequency response might vary a bit as well on the phase response . Has to do with available time and me needing the measurement mic for other jobs .

The system being measured is a 12-2 way loudspeaker cabinet build in the Netherlands , a APEX processor 4in/8out , Meyer sound’s SIM3 FFT analyzer and 1 DPA4007 microphone .

For now I’ll stick with the screen shots .

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Alignment @ the x-over point using 2nd order ALL-Pass filters   Leave a comment

So this is the last measurement job i did . Just the first day though . Screenshots are made with the SIM3 set-up and data viewer .

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A few screen-shots from the last tuning   Leave a comment

Just a few screenshots and pictures taken on the last tuning i did .

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