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Back to the future or return from the future to the present ????   4 comments


So anybody remember that movie BACK TO THE FUTURE ? One of my most favourite scenes next to the “this amp goes to eleven” from Spinal Tap is the scene where Michael J Fox blows one of the biggest loudspeakers in this world to bits . The story tells about a guy travelling back & forth in time in a delorean sports car . The car is a time machine because it has a FLUX-capacitor build in . Because of power problems it needs a lightning strike to get back to the future . So what does “BACK TO THE FUTURE” have to do with audio ? Lees de rest van dit artikel »

Why even bother ???   1 comment

In the last few posts there were descriptions of cardiod sub array’s .

Turns out you need more processing and amplifiers to build them , knowledge to put them to good use (so you need a system technician) , measurement equipment for verification and calibration and a number of other things so in the end it all comes down to money . These set-ups are more expensive . Lees de rest van dit artikel »

CSA : The cardioid sub array . (according to some from D&B)   4 comments

This is the last of the cardioid  sub arrays I’ll explain . If there’s no room for a end fired or a reverse end fired sub array or the budget only allows 3 subs a side and there’s no room for a end fired line of 3 subs there’s 1 array you can try . The CSA (according to some developed by D&B) . Lees de rest van dit artikel »

The Gradient Sub Array or reversed end fired as I call it (English only) .   4 comments

So following up on the End Fired Sub Array article i did before this article here is the description of what i call a Reversed End Fired or Gradient as Harry Olsen called it (note : Harry Olsen came up with this set-up as far as i know so it’s not my idea but , as are most of the things i write about , somebody else’s idea . I only put the idea’s to use and by describing them on my blog i hope to understand them better ) . Lees de rest van dit artikel »

End fired Sub array (only in English)   3 comments

I did a article on End fired sub array’s more than a year ago but only in Dutch so now the English version . The end fired sub array has the advantage of summation in front of the array and cancelation at the back of the array . It needs in a 4 element array 4 amps and 4 processor channels where you might need only 1 or 2 amps and 1 channel of processing in a conventional stack of subs . Lees de rest van dit artikel »