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Al equipment available within my company

Mixing desks :

Midas Verona 48 channel tour pack                              1x


Allen&heath GL2200 32 channel desk                  1x

SIM3 measurement system                                         1x

FX/dynamics FOH rack:

Rack%20all%20in%201%20case%201[1] Rack%20all%20in%201%20case%203[1]

TC electronic M2000                                              3x

TCelectronic Finalyzer 96K                                  1x

Lexicon MPX1                                                          1x

BSS FSC966 EQ                                                        2x

BSS 901mk2 dynamiq eq                                      1x

BSS quad compressor                                           2x

Kuhnle quad gate                                                    2x

Furman power distribution                                 4x

Oram SC1 (no link)                                                1x


Oram SC2(no link)                                                1x

Oram H-def eq(no link)                                     1x

Sony MDS 11(no link)                                         2x

Sony CDP(no link)                                                 1x

BSS BLU 80 Audio netwerk processor            2x

Alesis HD24 24tr hard-disk recorder                2x


Shure SM58 vocal mic.                                          4x

Shure SM57 instrument mic.                               4x

Shure Beta 91                                                            1x

Shure Beta 87 vocal mic.                                   1x

AKG D112 kick mic.                                             1x

AKG CK 391                                                          3x

Electrovoice RE 20 kick                                         1x

Electrovoice 757 (no link)                                   3x

Audix D1 (no link)                                              1x

Audix D3 (no link)                                                 8x

DPA 4006 mic.                                                      2x

DPA 4007 measurement mic                             6x

DPA 4041 mic recording                                    2x

DPA 4022 card.mic recording/live                 3x

DPA 4091 instr. live/recording                       10x

DPA 4099 Instrument mic.                                10x

DPA headband mic. card.                                    2x

DPA 4061 mini mic.                                                3x

DPA%20case[1] All%20DPA%20mics%20minus%203%20nm2[2]

MB 219 vocal mic.                                                4x

2 x Meyer Sound UPA1p

2 x Meyer Sound UPA2p

8 x Meyer Sound USW1p

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